Isn’t sinus the cause of frequent colds? Let’s check

 Isn’t sinus the cause of frequent colds? Let’s check

Colds are common during the cold season, but if the cold does not heal in a week or two, it can be a sign of sinusitis. Sinus is a problem associated with the nose, which can be caused by bacteria, colds or allergies. This problem occurs in one in eight people. It is caused by pollution, dust, dirt and fumes. This problem can increase in the cold season. This can cause pain in the body and breathing problems. In such cases, those who have sinus problems should take special care.

What causes a cold?

If you have frequent colds, see a doctor

Colds are caused by a bacterial infection

Sinus infections are caused by viral or bacterial infections in the cavity. The problem is on all four sides of the face ગા the cheeks, between the eyes and the back, as well as above the eyebrows. It lasts for at least two weeks.

Identify the sinuses in this way

– Pain in cheeks and upper jaw

– Bright pain in the eyes

– Fever with cold

– Coughing while sleeping

– Often a toothache

– Pain over eyebrows

– Breathing problems

– Bad breath

– Swelling of the face and coughing

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